Buy a bag of Dog food for Sundog Kennel

BARK Program

We use REDPAW dog foodat our kennel.

Thank you!

The idea for the "Buy A Round of Kibble" program was developed by ardent race fans/volunteers, Lee and Claudia Nowak, who have already contributed several bags of kibble to some of their favorite teams.

Sled Dog Central is proud to partner with kennels and suppliers to bring the BARK program to the attention of mushing fans who want to support their favorite team(s) by buying a bag or two of the kennel's preferred dog food.

The concept is wonderfully simple: participating kennels add the BARK logo to their web site and link it to a page or popup listing the dog food they use along with contact information for their regular supplier. Fans can use this info to contact the supplier directly to purchase dog food for the kennel. When the logo/supplier info is posted to the kennel's web site, their kennel name and link will be listed on this page.

This is a free listing service provided by Sled Dog Central and is open to fans and sled dog kennels world-wide. Our goal is to provide a central connection point for fans and sled dog kennels. All financial transactions are solely between the purchaser and the supplier.


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