1st place wins in the 2007 Exxon Mobil - ASDRA Sled Dog Race
Jennifer in the 4 dog, Nathan in the 8 dog

About Us...
Sundog Racing Kennel is owned and operated by Jennifer & Nathan Sterling in the small rural community of Chugiak, Alaska. The kennel consists primarily of Alaskan Huskies although there are a few hound crosses in the kennel now. Sundog Racing Kennel teams are entered in all classes of sprint races throughout Alaska. Between Jennifer and Nathan, the kennel has over 30 years of combined racing and dog care experience.

About Jennifer Sterling:
Jennifer began her dog mushing career as a junior musher. Her first race was a memorable one in early 1984 when she ran a friend’s team at the Beach Lake trails in Chugiak. She crashed into a tree going around a corner, was knocked off the sled and knocked out! The dogs went across the finish line without her, dragging a broken sled, and the race marshal had to come out on a snow machine to retrieve her. Of course, being a young adventurer, Jennifer was hooked, and was soon working on getting her own sled dogs. Determined, she began working after school at the age of 14 in a veterinary clinic to cover the costs of getting her own team. Her first lead dog was “Birdie”, a nine year old dog who just needed a good home. Even though she was old and slow she was a great leader and taught Jennifer many valuable lessons about what a good sled dog can do. The other two dogs who made up her first three dog team were”mutts” that were found homeless hiding under an abandoned house in Anchorage. During her years as a Junior Musher Jennifer ran mostly in the three dog class, because that’s all the dogs she had. She was able to move up to the five dog class during the last two years of juniors. Since 1988 Jennifer has competed on the Alaska Adult racing circuit in everything from the three dog class to the open class Fur Rendezvous Women’s World Championships.

About Nathan Sterling:
Nathan has been involved in sports as long as he can remember. He began playing baseball about the time he started school and played all through his high school years. He also began his mushing career as a junior musher. He raced mostly in the seven to eight dog classes. He competed in the Fairbanks Junior North American Championships as well as the Junior Eagle River Classic held in Chugiak, Alaska. Nathan’s mushing roots run deep in his family. His great-grandfather used to deliver the mail by dog sled from Ninilchik to Kenai back in the 40’s.

Nathan and Jen met while racing and decided to join forces rather than keep trying to beat each other! In 2004 they began a complex breeding program with the goal of moving into open class sprint racing. They breed, raise and train all their own dogs primarily although on occasion they have acquired a dog from another kennel that has made the race teams. For the last two years they have focused on the eight and ten dog races, accomplishing top finishes in both classes. They have also done well in other limited class races with the younger dogs. The kennel’s short term goal is to complete at the 2009 IFSS World Championships as a member of Team USA. Their future goals include competing in the 2010 Fur Rendezvous World Championships along with other open races across Alaska and Canada.


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