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Posted October 24, 2013 - Help one of the youngest Open Class Sprint Mushers in Alaska put his team in the 2014 Fur Rendezvous Sled Dog Championship Race. Nathan is also one of the few Alaska Natives competing in open class sprint racing. Nathan and his wife/kennel partner Jennifer at Sundog Racing Kennel have many achievements, including being on Team USA for the past two international sprint racing championships. Read more....Click here (PDF)

Jennifer & Nathan Sterling
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Sundog Racing Kennel was named after an inspirational pup.

In 1987 we did our first kennel breeding. "Sundog" was the only pup to survive out of a litter of eight after their mother died during a C-section.

All eight pups were hand fed from the beginning, but one by one we lost them.

We had to give them intravenous fluids, tube them when they were too weak to suck, and do all the things a mother dog would do to stimulate them. After two weeks, Sundog was the only one who revived from the virus that killed his littermates.

Sundog was tiny and feisty, and had to be raised in a baby playpen in the house because he had an inadequate immune system. The first time he went into harness he screamed and resisted. Within a few runs, he was running lead with his father, and he stayed in lead for six years.

Sundog passed away a few years ago. He lead an exciting life full of adventure and love. We will never forget what he taught us and the fun we had on the trails.

For someone considering getting into dog mushing, let me say one important thing. Dog mushing is addictive! Be prepared to sacrifice so you can fully benefit from the joys and pains (sometimes literally) of working with a dog team year round. Get lots of warm clothes, forget about those vacations in Hawaii, and be prepared to stay with it for several years so you can learn enough to be competitive! Most importantly, before you start, and always thereafter - ask lots of questions and listen to the veterans! Dog mushers are some of the most honest people I know when it comes to giving you all the ups and downs without hesitation!

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Each year we set out to fill the "Bootie Jar" It helps us offset race expenses. Its' a fun & easy way to be part of the team!


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